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Enjoy 10% off your first order with NEW10
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About us

Dreaming bigger for your little ones. 
"All grown-ups were once children but only a few of them remember it."
Mr Mammoth is a lifestyle brand developed by a group of passionate young teachers who remember being children. It is simply brilliant to be a kid at heart in this cold adult world. As we believe in leading with our hearts and the rest will follow, we founded the brand with one goal and one goal only - to help children and parents live and love their best lives in the warmest of ways. We want to introduce the world to the most stylish and elegant ways of tackling childcare. We also believe that parenting doesn’t have to be all serious and dull. We think that parenting can be stylish, fun and lighthearted.

The Mammoth is the spirit animal of our brand.
We picked mammoths because they are known for their intelligence, strength and warmth. Even when the world is cold, a mammoth will give you the warmth you need. More importantly, a mammoth represents a balance that every parent looks for in themselves.

Traveling from glacier to glacier, Mr. Mammoth and I have looked all over the world for the most spectacular children products. With Mr. Mammoth's wisdom and charm, we aim to help families come up with the freshest and most heart-warming ways to tackle childcare.